Austin East Cider $6

Dos Equis $6

Mich Ultra %7

Lonestar / Lite $5

Modelo $6

S.A. Lager $6

Easy drinking German-style lager

Deschuttes Fresh Haze IPA $6

Soak up the soft golden rays of an inviting malt body as the lively hues of citrusy hops linger on the horizon of a cool, refreshing finish.

Freetail Pickle Puro $6

Martin House Best Maid Pickle Beer $6

Sour Pickle Beer

Squirt Gun IPA $6

Whiteclaw Mango $6

O’Douls $5

Non Alcoholic beer

Martin House Beers

A rotating selection of beers, sours and seltzers from Martin House Brewery

Real Ale Paloma $7

Chichilada $11/16 oz

Our house Michilada with JD Chili mix, pickle juice, lime juice, Worst Sauce. Choose the beer you like. the most or go with our classic choice of Martin House Pickle Beer


Betty Kolsch $7

Viva Amarillo $8

Dallas Blonde $8

Modelo Especial $7

St. Arnold Lawnmower $8

Lovestruck Hefe $8

St. Arnold Harmony $8

Independence Amber $8

Crawford Bock $8

El Chingon IPA $8

Real Ale Axis $8

Wise Acre Coffee Stout $8


Wahakan Dreams $10 12oz / $12 16oz

Mezcal Momento, Pineapple, Cranberry,Lime, Agave

Paloma $11 12oz / $14 16oz

Rejon tequila, aperol, lime, agava. fresca.

Chichilada $11

JD chili mary mix, martin house pickle beer, lime, worst sauce.

Margarita $11 12oz / $14 16oz

Rejon Blanco, Triple Sec, Curacao, Lime, Agave

Flavored Margarita $11 12oz / $14 16oz

(Mango, Strawberry or Watermelon)
Rejon Blanco, Triple Sec, Curacao, Lime, Agave, Mango

Old Fashioned $14

Choice of Still Austin Whisky, Old Forester Rye or Mezcal Momento, Demara, bitters

Smashing Peaches $10 12oz / $12 16oz

Still Austin Bourbon, Peach, Lemon, Mint & Sugar


Sandia $12 / $15

Tequila, Watermelon, Lime

Mango-Nada $12 / $15

Tequila, Mango, Lime

Dreamsicle $12 / $15

Vodka, O.J. Fanta, Lemon

Pina Colada $12 / $15

Rum, Pineapple, Coconut and Lime

Lucky Charm $13 / $16

A blend of all our slushees.

House Shots

Bidi Bidi Bad Mom $5

Vodka, pomegranate, lemon.

Green Tea $5

Irish whiskey, peach schnapps, pineapple.

El Camino Candy $5

Smirnoff Tamarind Vodka,Watermelon Lemon, Chamoy

Fire Ball $5

Cinnamon whiskey